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my résumé both as a writer, and as a human.

i will include two versions of this resume - one that was written stream of consciousness, and incorporates absolutely everything that is on my mind.
and another that is simplified and only includes relevant job type of information for when applying to places that probably aren't as interested in hiring a spiritual complex thinker and writer as much as they are the guy who simply loves working. the choice is yours at all times to read this or not.
resume got to do with anything -- this turned into a field manual on how to over-come psycho-ops.
i really don't want to stand out, but i guess it's a little late for that.
ideally i want to help form or join a pack of intelligent apes that are working together for the betterment of Everybody
i am currently 100% focused on Writing to Reverse-Engineer the psychological-operations that have programmed Everybody i've ever met including myself, to differing extents, and usually in different directions.
[this applies to everybody, whether you grew up rich and went to college to be an executive, or grew up dirt-poor and consider yourself lucky to have a factory job, or even to be on financial assistance]
my willpower to write as if Everybody's Life depends on it, is beginning to wane as i have gotten it All out multiple times now. once or twice was not enough.
i am now looking for a place to go to learn, grow, and work in a new field that is more useful for Everybody.
as well as for a place to publish these works where i will Not be censored.
the multitude of false-concepts that we have been indoctrinated with that are both anti-human, and anti-life can and will be expozed. allowing us to choose to think without them.
as we begin to learn more about our own psychology then the people who learned how to mind-control us did, as a means to get us to do what they want;
they decided on turning us into mind-controlled-wage-slaves, or as toxic-psychopath-ruler-descandants when they made their decision to embark on this.
Mind-control is now Obsolete. Independent thinking is taking over.
with these works that i'm writing for us, Mind-control has become Obsolete.
we can choose to open our minds and come unhooked from any and All of the imaginary constraints (bs-hooks) that were intentionally installed within our minds, by way of constant exposure and frequent repetition. programming great-apes to do things against their will was last weeks news.
i love working, learning, and creating as much as anyone.
the toxic-banking-institution wants us to become a mind-controlled-wage-slave and that's it.
when you have one of the strongest minds on the planet and you know it, you absolutely cannot afford to leverage an ego.
it'll turn you into a maniac in a hurry. this happens frequently enough to need to be aware of it, even frequently to weaker minds.
i'm not special. Everybody is special.
i've heard that it's a fine line between confidence and cockiness but i think that's bullshit.
i view it more as a runway - wide enough for a jumbo sized aircraft, and big enough for us all to take off from.
if we refuse to leverage an ego we can paint ourselves as confident as it gets without concern for being toxic towards eachother or for rubbing it in anyone's face
we are truly supposed to share our confidence, wisdom, and knowledge with eachother. these are things that are not supposed to be leveraged against anyone to belittle or make any one of us feel less significant, and certainly not to be used as leverage to make others do what we want. [that is to say the manipulation of people is toxic-exploitation]
i'm nothin special, but WE are.
together we are both as strong as our strongest pack members and as weak as our weakest pack members.
we must learn to uplift eachother, and not to bring eachother down.
turning our backs on eachother is not up for discussion. no way in hell do we let eachother go to hell
i'm nothin special. Everybody coming together, that is special.
i'm as confident as it gets with thoughts, but i'm also not better than anyone.
my intelligence and confidence truthfully don't even belong to me. i'm willing to share it with Everybody as it belongs to absolutely Everybody that isn't leveraging a toxic-ego.
it comes from the human spirit.
we are supposed to work together and co-operate voluntarily. nothin should be done against our wills either, collectively, or independently.
as such, painting us as working for money - isn't going to happen.
i Sincerely desire to Help
i am looking for involvement and to learn new skills - not for money -
**leverage a list of skills that you're looking for. list your background briefly - and comprehensively:
i truly don't care what work i'm doing as long as i'm working and learning about something that i'm interested in
i do not have any experience in the areas of interest that i would like to pursue, so i am looking for an apprenticeship type of situation where in the right situation i am absolutely willing to work for experience
Building/construction - Anything - woods , metals, glass
working on bicycles, tractors, vehicles - anything mechanical
farming - sharecropping is fine by me
cooking - food preparation - kitchen

also -- i am looking for artists to share ideas and to work with
as well as active apes of any conditioning level to coach eachother on liberating ourselves through movement physically and mentally.
playing active-games(sports) together making exercise FUN and EZ
i like to paint myself both as a sponge, and as a reflection of everybody that i have ever respected
with this mind-set, the impacts that we leave on eachother are infinite, both limitless and carry forward indefinitely.
after being tortured, i am admittedly still a bit shocked from it, but the positive side from this is that
handling mind-fucks (intentional confusion) and toxic-vibes (shouting, insults, etc) is not a problem at all.
i have become 100% immune to this non-sense and so can everybody else!
i've been dealing with this my entire life (as have most of us) we are all doing our best to develop coping mechanisms and leverage-neutralization-techniques (ways to handle bs) and i believe that it is long over-due that we All come together, share our intelligence and wisdom with eachother.
i'm writing this much for a reason - i'm looking for people, and for a place to share work like this with, where we aren't censored.
we communicate to embrace, uplift, to share ideas, coach, and to teach. not to bring eachother down.
we should be careful to focus on the liberation and strengthening of our minds, allowing us All to think Independently; and not to become reliant on thinking for eachother exclusively as this has the consequence of weakening our minds, reducing our ability to comprehend as well as to make sense of situations and concepts (hooks).
when we think for ourselves we become strong, resilient, and intelligent. when others think for us, we become weak and stupid.
which opens the door for vulnerabilities;
deliberately dangerous mind-fucks (intentional confusion) can and is leveraged against us to trick us into turning on eachother.
or to get us to imagine adversaries, especially at times when there are clearly NONE.
this type of vulnerability works on us, but only if we are not aware of how and why it works.
mind-fucking us against eachother does not work if we understand how and why toxic-minded people try to do this to us.
(playing politics with us is what this amounts to) when they try to do this to us; i'm not playin, and neither should you.
they try to paint everybody, usually including us (whether we know it or not) as toxic, to justify toxic actions against us, or to get us to become toxic as we become fooled by them.
these are dangerous hypocrites that we are dealing with and they are not to be trusted.
(if someone is painting everybody else, but you and them as toxic, best believe that they are or will be doing the exact same thing to you with others) this kind of manipulation of people is toxic-and-stupid. we should be refusing to play politics with anyone.)
false-political-lying has been going on WAY TOO MUCH to believe anything toxic someone has to say about ANYONE else.
people who bad-mouth eachother are NOT to be trusted under any circumstances. we can and WILL shut them down.. by exposing how easy it is to notice when they are trying to smear us. just how full-of-shit they and their arguments are becomes apparent easily when we identify what their intent is (usually to leverage us against eachother to get us to do something stupid or toxic on their behalf)
having been targeted and tortured by institutionalized toxic-corruption wizened my ass up.
we humans (wonderful beautiful intelligent spiritual apes) have been targetted aggressively with deliberate misinformation about our existence and our very nature. this was done intentionally by toxic-minded-agencies and egotistical groups, who conspired against us all, as they viewed themselves, as different and better than us. the intent to divide us, on collective bases of all types, skin-tone, age, sex, cla$$i$m, etc, is to make it easier to pit us against eachother, to keep us perpetually confused, lost, and looking to others for guidance. so that we are as easy as it gets to take advantage of; the smallest unit of division the 'individual' is truly something we are not supposed to identify with primarily, as it is frequently leveraged to attempt to make us feel alone, weak, and vulnerable.
the beautiful truth is that we are never alone
our Independence should reflect our strongest persona(s) which can and should be a reflection of anything or anyone that helps us, including Everyone and Everything. Everyone we've ever Respected, particularly those who coached us, friends, family, co-workers, coaches, artists.
Anyone who helped us in any way imaginable is with us at All times - that's us to - whenever we need for them to be.
coaching eachother to strong Independence and not mind-controlling (thinking for) eachother. we should be developing thinking exercises, building our culture through making art, playing strategic-minded games&sports as well as thinking of other ways to have fun while socializing and developing ourselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually, while focusing on retaining Independence of thought with an emphasis on remaining non-toxic.
any of our views on anything at all, including spirituality are non-consequential to our unity, so long as we are committed to eachother and not working against eachother.
my views on spiritual-unity help us to cement the concept of identification with eachother, life, and existence.
and we should have no problem sharing these views with anyone, however we should not be attempting to persuade anyone to believe as we do. as i believe that we all need to make our minds up for ourselves to get the full benefit from any thought processes that we choose to empower to make sense of anything.
let's let the strength of our thoughts speak for themselves. as we share this strong and flexible type of thinking with eachother, people will come to us on their own accord, and NO persuasion will be necessary. think however you like, the more diverse we and our thoughts become the better!
we should be comfortable to speak or write to any one of us on our own accord about anything if we are looking to share thoughts with eachother;
i will never try to impose my way of thinking, or any of my beliefs on anyone.
(i have flexibly adapted philosophies from others as well as innovated to understanding that i am constantly evolving and never focused on retaining information as i am actively developing one of the strongest and most flexible minds on the planet, this type of philosophy speaks for itself and will spread itself as well)
but i am here to help anyone who both needs&wants help - it doesn't even matter what's going on, or how mind-fucked, perplexed, or painfully-confused you may have become. no matter what, nothing was your fault and you should know that we are both developing eachother.
the more we help eachother sort this type of bullshit (our hazardous mental states) out, the easier it gets for us.
the simplest message ever - we don't ever stop identifying with eachother, life or existence. - that's where we went wrong in the first place. and consequently how we turned toxic-stupid, and then evil.
we learn LESSONS. those mishaps that we made in the past are only mistakes till we learn from them, then they become LESSONS.
everybody turned toxic and then evil, once or twice, and that was it. Everybody can change.
i believe that as long as we are doing our best to question our programming and remain peacefully non-toxic towards eachother that we are developing our intelligence within ourselves tremendously.
as far as toxic intelligence development goes, knowing first hand how painful and miserable it feels to generate toxic-thoughts and vibes, as well as the transfer and infection of others with the same or worse pain and misery, this becomes an infectious cycle that we MUST break.
there has become a tremendous urge within us to work together to stop the suffering for everybody and show the entire species how much happyer we will ALL become when we are working together and not against eachother.
i am 100% in favor of us coaching absolutely anybody and everybody who is ready and willing; everybody is a coach - whether we know it or not.
showing and telling with beautiful artwork and communication skills - peacefully, eloquently, and not forcefully why we should be Cooperating and not working against eachother or looking for toxic-leverage and exploitation of ourselves.
life and work is better when we are in cooperation mode more often, and not viewing ourselves as in a non-consensual competition.
at this point. we should only be competing for fun.
i have mastered freeing my mind with the assistance of absolutely EVERYBODY that i've ever known - our instincts inherited from our ancestors led the way by refusing to believe what was being told, even when we had no idea what was going on.
hearing the inquisitive mind-control-refusal nature of others (curiously questioning everything and refusing to believe confident liars), gave us the strength to continue on questioning rather than to give in and passively accept the false narratives continually being read in our schools, shown on loop on television, played on our radios, and being crammed into our brains by all imaginable methods.
nobody 'knows' anything for certain. so let's think for ourselves.
the ground work was laid for us by all others, destiny, instincts, miracles, and existence - and through blood sweat and tears and with the spiritual support of the unknown, our creators and our entire existence we were able to connect the dots to the best of our ability over and over again. during excruciating torture that was leveraged from an unknown realm.
if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone. it doesn't matter where you are, it just follows you everywhere. getting in the car to drive away from it doesn't work. nothing does.
my best guesses are that either we are living in an emulated existence where just about anything is possible, or that someone developed super high-tech spiritual weaponry. i'd prefer to imagine the emulated spiritual existence, as i find it difficult and painful to believe that this is the only realm of existence and that someone has developed weapons like this. if that is the case, however, i am hopeful that we can come together and dismantle this evil weaponry.
i am grateful for all of those who coached me, particularly as this torment began. as they planted the seed in my mind that if i do my best that i could get it to stop, or at least Help Coach Others that are dealing with the same thing the way that they did for me.
i am also grateful for all of those responsible for getting me off the hook from this torture sentence. i know there must be many of you that i will never meet, or know. just know that i am grateful for you all and your compassion.

if life can be scary and miserable, it can certainly be beautiful and peaceful.
anything is possible.
it truly does not matter the situation - there is a wonderful peaceful solution for everything.

the more we know, the more we know we don't need to know.

knowledge can be an inhibitor to our intelligence, particularly when we accept false-knowledge. if we are going to believe something, it had better be correct, or at least have a use for us. use-less false knowledge, is almost always dangerous and if not, still detrimental to our intelligence. believing things that are false hurts us, or at least makes us stupid.

the more we know the more we don't need to know.
toxic-beliefs leave us with biases that prevent us from thinking and communicating effectively.
we must have disdain for this type of mind-control as this breaks our natural ability to communicate and liberate eachother from the grips of toxic-mind-controll.

agnosticism is the gateway to wisdom.
a mind free from the desire to retain 'knowledge' (which may or may not be true) is free to explore any situation or possibilities and evaluate accordingly free from bias. in many ways the 'truth' is unknowable, and the sooner we accept that, the stronger and flexible minded and able to adapt to a fluid version of reality we will become

human intelligence is at it's best when it does not know.
awareness is what we are looking for, not knowledge.

imagine being so aware of a situation that you can argue your oppositions views better they can, gain their approval and then accordingly dismantle them. rendering them speechless. that is wisdom.

givin enough thoughts on and practice developing possibilities and explanations of our own for anything and evaluating how we feel about them and the other possibilities and explanations that we have heard from others - eventually our favorite hypothesises can be recalled or rather simply recreated with ease. we can adapt these views whenever we need or want to make them more senseful, or perhaps less toxic.
the more we know, the more we know we don't need to know.
it truly doesn't matter what thoughts we ultimately decide to think about to make sense of any situations so long as we are not overly focusing on trying to retain this information as a 'belief' (falsely thinking that there is only one acceptable explanation; is a bullshit-hook and that's it)
or even worse, to try to program others with it -- particularly if it is a toxic 'belief'
this has the consequence of limiting our intelligence, it forces us to think with blinders on and hinders our mind-power; potentially making us angry with eachohther and stupid as the potential for abuse of being leveraged to pit us against eachother.
(dumbass toxic-arguments where both people are disagreeing with eachother and not even hearing the others point of view because they both think their 'belief' is the one correct belief and the others 'belief' is wrong, is as useless as it gets. what IF We are BOTH wrong is what we need to be thinking at all times.)
they show this type of bullshit on the idiot box(television), all the time.. this is to prevent us from communicating when we disagree. we must be smarter than this
'beliefs' that we are unwilling to adapt become thought constraints. the less 'beliefs' we have the better.
strong thoughts and convictions of a non-toxic nature are perfectly acceptable, and desirable -- we will not attempt to force these thoughts on anyone however, as it will then become apparent which toxic-minded-people or agencies, are working against themselves trying to paint our message as refusal. (corny, unrealistic, etc) [they do this all the time, it's about time we call them out on it]

that being said, it doesn't matter what any of us choose to believe or think about anything - NONE of us are better than eachother, or anyone else.
our faith needs to be in eachother and not in any set of beliefs, especially those that were given to us to pit us against eachother.
non-toxic agnosticism frees us to love eachother regardless of any thoughts that we choose to empower as an understanding of anything including our existence. <3
(with this strong and flexible minded philosophy we can change our minds about absolutely anything whenever we need or want to, and no matter what we will never be against eachother)
exposing bs-hooks (false concepts; particularly those that divide us and pit us against eachother) is not a problem at all.
(these concepts are false and imaginary and yet still dangerous for us all if we do not understand that they can and do have real consequences for everybody when we imagine them to be real inside of our minds as they then have the power to influence our thoughts and actions against eachother, which also has the consequence of potentially infecting others minds who are subjected to our thoughts and actions if they do not yet have an understanding of what is really going on)
this is infectious-toxic-mind-control also known as stupid and EVIL
toxic-self-fullfilling-prophecies [terrorism], creating terror and division first within our minds, and then eventually this manifests itself in our thoughts, actions, and conversations with eachother and becomes as real as it gets. toxic-mind-control spirals into a tumultuous cyclone and does whatever it can to spread division hatred and toxic words and actions amongst us.
We must be smarter than to allow it to continue.
Together We can end this - first within ourselves - and then within all - WITH their consent.
nobody was born toxic, or evil.
the situation for everybody can and will improve if we allow us to coach ourselves.
'adversary detected' should not be on any of our minds.
if you are working against anyone at all - you are working against yourself and that's it.
dealing with rude arrogant pricks (toxic-mind-controlled individuals) is not a problem at all.
superiority complexes of all types, are truly nothing special.
[false-superiority-complexes are the primary way we were taught to handle the toxic vibes that come from working against our own species.
thinking that we are better than eachother is not up for discussion; ever again]
toxic-ego deflation has become a wonderful art form -
remember, do not escalate a situation at all. their intent is to paint us as toxic as well, to either smear our character or to falsely attempt to justify toxic action against us, most likely both. (remember that toxic-mind-infection likes to paint everybody as toxic, so that it has an easier time spreading)
it does not fit their agenda to admit that absolutely everyone who is aware of this situation, and isn't under it's sway-(convinced that spreading hatred is going to benefit them) is against it. advocating for the spread of division and hatred for leverage over us, is nothing short of evil.
usually they will leverage toxic-hooks *mentally ill*(comes to mind) because they assume that this will trigger
a negatively charged emotional response from us.
the next time we see this, we WILL be prepared. mentally-CHILL and that's it.
kindness can both DE-escalate the situation and expose all hatred for what it really is - self hate..
that is to say that there is always real hate for the unnatural toxic-thoughts that are running on our minds, as a result of toxic-brain-washing and toxic-mind-infection. these feelings of pain and misery gets wrongly blamed on whoever you think you are against when the real adversary is your weak-minded hateful ideology.
these thoughts have us convinced that we are different from eachother, better and/or smarter than eachother as well as against eachother.
(these thoughts are false and yet super painful for us if we aren't using some kind of superiority complex as a toxic-coping mechanism to distance us from eachother, either physically [segregation] or emotionally. superiority complexes are false and dangerous for us, as they kill our natural empathy for eachother)
the beautiful truth is that we are eachother and no matter what anyone thinks, we are all =EQUALS=
when we set our differences aside, place a restraining order on our toxic-egos, and do not let our pride get in the way -
we can SHARE this beautiful message with eachother.
absolutely anybody that we interact with can become a coach to us.
whether they taught us how to handle being shouted at, insulted, laughed at, ignored, left alone, what it felt like to be loved, how to handle situations with toxic-minded-individuals without stooping to their level, how to stay positive, have fun, play, be creative, or to share confidence with and inspire eachother.
Everybody is a coach.
if you're targeting us sTILL, you're targeting yourself and that's it.
Merrillville high school graduated 2007
*lowest gpa to graduate. was miserably bored with school
(they kept having us fill out repetitive and boring worksheets with focus on memorization when i was already developing an active intelligence)
i hadn't fully processed the situation yet, but i knew what they were trying to do. that's when i quit caring about grades and started thinking about anything that kept my brain firing including dropping out. so i started skipping classes and slept a lot.
STILL found testing and writing to be super easy and fun.
0s on most every homework assignment, but still managed to squeak by with Ds mostly as i usually still managed to get As and Bs on tests.


nwi mma academy: 07-08
strack and van til: utility clerk: 07-08
northwest airlines: ramp agent: 08-10
horseshoe casino:games dealer: 10-16 19-20
rivers casino: table games dealer 16-18

working with a team, was always Significantly easier then working out alone. i learned this while training with a fight team briefly. being fatigued and seeing your team-mates still busting their ass, makes you want to shut-up and finish the next rep rather then to think about how tired you are.
i enjoyed working the ramp the most as i was working with a team again, to load/off load the beautiful aircraft as well as to guide them into the gate and push them back to the taxi-way.. i love working with teams and aviation is an interesting as it gets to me. was happy to be there
working as a dealer taught me a lot about our species. after 10 years as a dealer, gambling (playing stupid-games for our mostly hard earned $financial-leverage$) does not make a whole lot of sense to me. but yet it still gets painted as approval as it gets in the movies and on the television. when you turn 21 around here, a trip to the casino happens frequently, and perhaps it shouldn't. i've seen once in a lifetime winning sessions, hook people indefinitely on gambling, as they spend the next several years miserably playing it all back and then some.
i don't support gambling, and i am also opposed to their media operations,
they're mind-controlling people to gamble and i know it. this was not a good fit for me to continue as a career.
despite this i am still not against anyone on a personal level, nor do i judge anyone for this, as i know the beautiful truth about life, if roles were reversed since birth we would both be doing the exact same thing in each-others positions.
the whole time that i was dealing, in the back of my head was - what comes next. i knew that rapid fire black-jack dealing was conditioning my mind on a level that few jobs could. preparing me for whatever would come next. i'm still not sure what it will be, but i am hopeful that it is something that involves creation.
thank you for reading. i look forward to hearing back from you.
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Opinions needed! Help me finalize my next character!

So I’ve had an amazing idea for a character for a while now, and I’ve just been informed that I’m going to be playing him in a campaign coming up. I wanted to post here to see if anyone had some thoughts/opinions on this character or ways that I can make him more believable and interesting.
Name: Viole Blackstone (or Pendragon. Haven’t decided yet. Perhaps you can help with that.)
Race/Class: High Elf illusionist Wizard
Background: Gambler
Appearance: 5’10” lanky with pale skin and brown eyes. Black hair that has been slicked back and a thin goatee. A tattoo of a silver snake runs down his right arm, starting at the end of his clavicle and ending at his wrist. Commonly seen wearing blue, black, and/or purple clothes.
Personality traits/beliefs: 1) I only look out for myself and those I care about. No more. No less. 2) Money can solve nearly every problem. 3) Everyone has an ulterior motive, regardless of what they claim.
Backstory: Growing up the son to a single mother. Viole spent the majority of his childhood in abject poverty, but, showing an aptitude for the arcane, he was determined to train at a Wizard’s Academy. He got a loan from the Platinum Serpents, a local gang that ran many of the shady business in his hometown (casinos, brothels, etc.), which enabled him to attend school. However, he was expelled in his third year for gambling on campus grounds, and thus had to work as a card dealer for a Platinum Serpent Casino to pay off his debt. During this time, he met Amethyst, a female entertainer who also happened to be dating the boss of the Platinum Serpents. The two grew close to the point where they developed a romantic attraction, which was soon discovered by the boss and lead to Viole having to run away from the gang and Amethyst. Now he adventures hoping that he can buy his way back into the good graces of the Platinum Serpents.
That’s all I have! What are your thoughts on this character? Is he interesting/believable/cool? Is there anything about him you would change? Should his surname be Blackstone or Pendragon?! Any and all input is much appreciated, and thank you for reading!
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My take on fixing the "Star Wars" Sequel Trilogy (Part 3)

If you're curious: Part 1 is HERE, and Part 2 is HERE.
As the battleship Comet Chaser flees the destruction of the planet Coruscant, New Republic officers frantically man the guns and attempt to call for help. But as they soon learn: calls for help are coming in from all over the galaxy.
"We're getting a distress signal!" one officer yells. "The Black Fleet is attacking Corellia!"
"The Crimson Legion just landed on Mon Calamari!" another officer calls.
"The Dark Chosen are on Carida! They're reporting thousands dead—soldiers and civilians!"
"The True Sith are bombing Naboo!"
All over the galaxy, Imperial loyalist groups are emerging from the shadows to attack the New Republic in a massive coordinated strike. Individually, each group would be no match for the New Republic fleet—but with the First Order's brazen attack on Coruscant, dozens of terrorist groups are finally coming together.
As the Comet Chaser fights its way through the swarming First Order starships, Leia confers with the fleet's admiral, who asks for her help in bringing Kylo Ren to justice—unaware that he's actually her son.
Suddenly, the bridge takes a direct hit from a First Order dreadnaught, and Leia and the admiral are sucked into the vacuum of space. Moments later, as Finn and Poe look on in astonishment, Leia reveals her long-nurtured Force sensitivity and manages to use her telekinetic abilities to propel her body through space and guide herself back to the airlock. She narrowly survives, but she collapses upon being brought back into the ship, and the officers are forced to take her to the sickbay as they make the jump to lightspeed and flee Coruscant.
Back on Ahch-To, Rey is gripped by a palpable sense of dread and fear as she senses that thousands of innocent lives have been snuffed out on Coruscant. As she looks to Luke for guidance, he collapses.
With his keen Force abilities, Luke feels every individual life as it ends, and he feels each moment of terror and pain. He instantly knows what's happened.
"Ben..." he gasps. "What have you done?"
As Luke shares his vision of the destruction of the New Republic's capital at the hands of the Star Hammer, Rey begs him to leave Ahch-To to aid his old comrades, but Luke sadly shakes his head and turns away. As Rey follows him into his stone temple, he tells her that the Jedi were never as great or powerful as they were made out to be, and they caused nearly as much death and destruction as they stopped.
When Rey implores Luke to remember all the good that he did in his younger days, Luke stubbornly insists that he never amounted to much either. Now that Kylo Ren has turned his wrath on the galaxy, Luke finds himself haunted by his memories of the last time he saw Kylo, when he tried to save him from the allure of the Dark Side—and failed.
As he and Rey sit down together in the temple, Luke finally opens up about his brief time as Ben Solo's teacher.
"For many years, there was balance," he says. "And then I saw Ben. My nephew with that mighty Skywalker blood. And in my hubris, I thought I could train him. I could pass on my strengths. Han was Han about it, but Leia trusted me with her son. I took him and a dozen students, and began a training temple. By the time I realized I was no match for the darkness rising in him, it was too late."
"What happened?" Rey asks.
"I went to confront him," Luke says. "And he turned on me."
As Luke flashes back to his younger days, we see a brief vision of Luke approaching a young Ben Solo as he lies in bed in his quarters at the temple. When Ben opens his eyes and sees his uncle standing over him, he moves to draw his lightsaber, and he raises his hand. Calling upon the full might of his powers, Ben unleashes a blast of Force energy—and the walls of the temple come crashing down, burying Luke in stone rubble.
"He must have thought I was dead," Luke says. "When I came to, the temple was burning. He had vanished with a handful of my students and slaughtered the rest. Leia blamed herself, but it was me. I failed. Because I was Luke Skywalker. Jedi Master. A legend..."
As the Comet Chaser drops out of hyperspace at the head of a small fleet of surviving New Republic warships, the ship's ranking officer takes stock of the New Republic's unfolding crisis.
With the death of the admiral, his second-in-command—Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo—takes command of the fleet and orders her mechanics to begin repairs. As reports of mounting casualties and continuous attacks continue to pour in, Holdo soon realizes that every Republic world within reach of a hyperspace jump is now under siege by Imperial militants. For the moment, the fleet is alone, with no backup or safe harbor in sight. Worse still: at least half of the Galactic Senate and the New Republic High Command were killed in the escape from Coruscant. The New Republic is in shambles, and it may never rebuild itself.
As the crew awaits orders from their new commanding officer, Holdo gives them just one: keep flying.
Upon learning that Leia brought two civilians onboard, the ship's first mate gives Finn and Poe the opportunity to temporarily join the Comet Chaser's crew as active-duty crewmen. Accepting the offer, they're assigned to a mechanic squad alongside a new recruit named Rose Tico.
As they bond with Rose, Finn and Poe tell her all about their adventures on Jakku, Takodana and Ilum, and they open up about their lives before the two of them crossed paths. Finn admits that he's a former operative of the First Order himself, and Poe admits that he's a member of the underground Resistance movement.
Much like Finn and Poe, Rose was born into poverty in a backwater world on the Outer Rim—but she ultimately chose to join the military, believing that she could make a better life for herself by serving the New Republic. Now that the New Republic might not exist anymore, though, Rose feels adrift. In spite of their differences, the three realize that they have a common enemy in Kylo Ren.
To give Rose a glimmer of hope, Finn and Poe share a secret with her: just a few weeks ago, Finn managed to find a map that led directly to Luke Skywalker—and they have a friend who went looking for him. After ten long years, the legendary Jedi Knight might finally be returning to aid the galaxy in its darkest hour. And if anybody can beat back the tide of the Imperial cause, it's him.
Their bonding is interrupted when a small fleet of First Order starships suddenly drops out of hyperspace, with Kylo Ren's flagship in the lead. Somehow, the First Order has managed to track the fleet through hyperspace.
Moments later, the ship trembles as the First Order takes aim and fires, and alarm sirens blare as Holdo calls the ship's crew to their stations.
As a tense space battle ensues, the trio are forced into the fray as the Comet Chaser begins taking damage, and they're ultimately forced to don pressurized spacesuits and venture onto the ship's exterior to repair one of its primary laser cannons. When they do, Finn and Poe find themselves in a tense firefight with a squadron of the First Order's "Space Troopers", who attempt to sabotage the ship from the outside while wearing armored rocket-propelled spacesuits.
After defeating the Space Troopers and returning to the ship, they soon learn that the Comet Chaser is running disastrously low on fuel—and with the First Order apparently capable of tracking the fleet through hyperspace, they may not be able to use their hyperdrive to escape. But when Poe and Finn confront Holdo in hopes of finding out her plans to save the fleet, she angrily turns on both of them.
By now, Holdo has learned that her two new "civilian" recruits are far from civilians: Poe is a known member of the Resistance with ties to multiple high-profile radicals, and Finn is a former soldier of the First Order who's wanted by Planetary Security for resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. As an argument ensues, it becomes abundantly clear that Holdo has no love for the Resistance, and she's unwilling to overlook Finn's past.
"In the Resistance, you might talk a good game about freedom," Holdo says coldly to Poe. "But on this ship, I'm in charge! I won't be questioned by radical scum, or by a runaway terrorist! While you were skulking in back-alleys and shouting slogans, I was defending the borders of the Republic that my forefathers died for! You say that you're keeping Luke Skywalker's dream alive—but you don't even understand what that means! Luke Skywalker was a leader! He made sacrifices for us! What have you sacrificed, Dameron?"
Rose attempts to jump to her new friends' defense, but she's sternly silenced by Holdo, who orders her back to her post.
"When this is over, I want you off my ship!" Holdo angrily tells Finn and Poe. "You'll leave, and you'll never come back!"
After the argument, Rose comforts Finn and Poe, assuring them that she doesn't share her commanding officer's view of them. Later, when the trio find a secluded place to talk, Finn shares some key information with the others:
During his time with the First Order, he learned that Kylo Ren's technicians were working on a cutting-edge hyperspace tracker that could track enemy starships through hyperspace. If the First Order managed to attack them immediately after they dropped out of hyperspace, it's possible that they've completed their hyperspace tracker. If his hunch is correct, then they might be able to escape the First Order's fleet by shutting down the tracker. But since the tracker used an advanced computer mainframe to track ships' movements, it could only be shut down by hacking it.
"It's at the heart of the ship, guarded by at least a few dozen troopers," Finn says. "But if I could just get aboard that ship, I could find it. I know I could!"
"Holdo would never go for a plan like that," Rose says. "But if you really think it could save us all, then I can stomach breaking a few regulations."
"But what about hacking it?" Finn asks. "Could any of us really pull off something like that?"
"No," Poe says. "But I know somebody who could..."
As Poe shares with his friends: during his time with the Resistance, he and his comrades would regularly hack into holographic news broadcasts on Jakku to send out Resistance slogans. While hacking was never Poe's specialty, one of his old comrades was a man called "DJ" who was legendary for his skill with computers. Incidentally, DJ has owed Poe a favor ever since he saved his life during one of their many run-ins with Planetary Security—and according to a persistent rumor, he recently resettled in the city of Canto Bight on the planet Cantonica, which is only a short flight away.
Convinced that recruiting DJ could be the only way to disable the hyperspace tracker and save the ship, Rose uses her access codes to get Finn and Poe into the Comet Chaser's hangar, where she helps them steal a shuttle. Firing the shuttle's engines, the trio slips out of the hangar and sets course for Canto Bight.
On Ahch-To, Rey is startled by a vision of Kylo Ren, who calls out to her by name. Although she initially believes that she's hallucinating, she realizes that Kylo is using the Force to psychically communicate with her.
Still haunted by her memories of watching Kylo stab Han Solo to death, Rey tearfully asks him why he murdered his own father. Kylo insists that he killed him because he was his sole remaining link to his old life as Ben Solo, and he believed that he needed to cut all ties to his old life in order to realize his full potential. Kylo suggests that Rey also struggles with her lingering ties to her old life on Jakku, and that she also needs to cut those ties in order to become truly strong in the Force.
"Your parents threw you away like garbage," Kylo says. "But you can't stop needing them."
Kylo recalls the night that he destroyed Luke's temple and ran away. Although Luke claimed that Kylo lashed out at him after he tried to confront him about his temptation to turn to the Dark Side, Kylo tells a different tale: Luke feared that he would become more powerful than he ever was, and he tried to kill him in his sleep out of jealousy.
Rey shares her own secret: the previous night, she disobeyed Luke's warnings and snuck into the haunted cavern beneath his temple, lured by a strong feeling that it would finally answer her questions about the identity of her parents. Instead, she simply saw a reflection of herself: alone and lost, just as she's always been.
Extending his hand in a gesture of friendship, Kylo assures Rey that she's not alone, and he'll never abandon her like her parents did. And although she may have been forced to live in poverty and squalor in the New Republic, Kylo promises Rey that she can have a place at his right hand when he sets out to built a better society. The past is over—and only the future beckons.
"Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. That's the only way to become what you were meant to be."
Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Luke, who is enraged to learn that Rey has been in contact with the man who killed Han Solo and destroyed his academy. Drawing her lightsaber, Rey confronts Luke about what happened between him and his old apprentice, telling him that Ben told her everything.
Luke doesn't deny that he drew his lightsaber on his teenaged apprentice while he slept, but he insists that Kylo didn't tell her the full truth about that night either. Luke saw a vision of the death and destruction that young Ben Solo was destined to wreak upon the galaxy when he embraced the Dark Side—and for one awful moment, he was tempted by the thought of preventing that future by killing Ben in his sleep. He came to his senses before he could strike the fatal blow, but the temptation lasted just long enough that Ben woke up to find his teacher standing above him with a lightsaber in his hand.
Even though he never struck Ben, Luke blames himself for his turn to the Dark Side, believing that his apprentice's feelings of betrayal and disillusionment ultimately pushed him over the edge, showing him that he couldn't put his trust in the Jedi. Haunted by his failure, Luke went into exile, and Ben found a new teacher: the Oracle.
Rey believes that there is still good in Kylo Ren, and he could be turned back to the Light Side—just like Anakin Skywalker was. Luke tries to persuade Rey that it's far too late for that, but Rey refuses to listen.
With that, she boards the Millennium Falcon and sets course for Kylo's ship, believing that she can convince him to leave the First Order and return to his family.
Landing just outside of Canto Bight, Finn and Rose find themselves entranced by the glitz and glamor of the upscale resort town, but Poe warns them that it can be a dangerous place. As they make their way through a swanky casino packed with wealthy alien patrons, they soon realize that most of the denizens of Canto Bight don't seem to know or care that the New Republic is under attack by terrorists and on the verge of collapsing.
As Poe explains: the people who spend their time in Canto Bight are rich enough that they're effectively outside the New Republic's jurisdiction, and they've built their own insular paradise that will outlast even the most destructive war. Many of them, in fact, have found ways to profit handsomely from the New Republic's ongoing clashes with Imperial militants—and whichever side wins, they'll find a way to get rich.
Inside the casino, Poe finds his old friend DJ entertaining a group of well-dressed businessmen at a private table, and the two old comrades warmly embrace. Their reunion takes a sour turn, however, when DJ admits that he's got gambling debts at the casino, and can't leave Canto Bight until he finds a way to pay them back. DJ claims that he can't help Poe hack into Kylo Ren's ship—but Rose manages to sway him by convincing him that she's a high-ranking officer in the New Republic fleet, and that she can use her influence to protect him from his creditors in exchange for his help.
In a frenetic chase sequence, the trio manage to escape from the casino with DJ in tow, but they end up with the casino's security detail on their tail when they realize that DJ is attempting to dodge his gambling debts and skip town.
On the outskirts of Canto Bight, the group makes their escape after hijacking a shuttle owned by one of the many arms dealers in the city. As they set course for the First Order's fleet, DJ rifles through the arms dealer's onboard computer, and soon finds evidence that he—like many other war profiteers in Canto Bight—was selling weapons to various Imperial loyalist groups in addition to the New Republic. While Finn and Rose are horrified to learn this, DJ tells them that it's simply the way of the galaxy: money and power are the only constants in the world, and "Good" and "Evil" are just imaginary concepts that exist to keep the wheels of commerce spinning.
DJ admits that he left the Resistance when he became disillusioned with their mission, and he came to believe that their ideals were just as hollow as anything that the Republic or the Empire ever believed in. Now, he devotes his life to the pursuit of money and power, the only things that can make a difference in the world.
"It's all a machine, partner," he tells Poe. "Live free! Don't join."
As Rey intercepts Kylo's flagship and flies into the docking bay, she finds Kylo waiting for her. She's cuffed by Stormtroopers and marched into the Oracle's private chamber to face his judgment. Although she tells Kylo that it isn't too late to break free of the Oracle's influence, Kylo doesn't seem to listen.
Undeterred, Kylo pushes Rey into the room. Flanked by his Praetorian Guard, the Oracle is waiting for her.
Just as Rey and the Oracle lock eyes, DJ's hijacked shuttle coasts into the hangar of the ship, and DJ shows off his hacking skills as he disables the ship's security system. After stealing a set of officer's uniforms from a nearby locker room, they proceed to the center of the ship in disguise.
Back on the Comet Chaser, Leia awakens from her coma to find Vice Admiral Holdo standing over her. As Holdo tells Leia: she has a plan to save the remnants of the New Republic Fleet—but it's a risky plan with no room for error.
As the First Order closes in on the fleet, Holdo plans to use the Comet Chaser as a decoy while she evacuates the passengers and crew in a small fleet of cloaked shuttles. The shuttles will slip away and take refuge in an abandoned Rebel Alliance base on the nearby planet of Crait. But in order for the escape to work, someone will need to stay behind to pilot the ship so that the First Order doesn't suspect that it's been abandoned. Holdo volunteers to stay behind, despite knowing that the choice will likely lead to her death.
As Holdo escorts Leia to a shuttle, the two women say their goodbyes, and Holdo reveals that it was Leia's heroic actions in the Galactic Civil War that inspired her to enlist in the fleet. As Leia boards a shuttle, Holdo leaves Leia with a simple farewell message:
"May the Force be with you—always," she says.
Back on Ahch-To, Luke carries a flaming torch up to the top of a hill, where his crude stone temple overlooks the ocean. He plans to burn the temple to ground—and with it, the sacred Jedi texts that have sat there for centuries.
Before he can set the temple ablaze, though, a familiar face stops him in his tracks. Yoda, his old teacher, has appeared to him, using the Force to speak to him from beyond the veil of death.
Luke defiantly tells Yoda that he plans to destroy the Jedi texts, ensuring that the Jedi Order will die with him—and nobody will ever repeat the Jedi's mistakes. Much to his surprise, though, Yoda takes the initiative himself, using his Force powers to set the temple alight with a bolt of lightning. Overcome with sorrow, Luke sinks to the ground and watches the temple burn.
Taking a seat beside his aging student, Yoda assures Luke that the sacred Jedi texts didn't contain any wisdom that Rey doesn't already possess. If the Jedi are truly going to survive into a new era, they can't spend all of their time looking to the past for answers. Instead, they must look to the future and put their faith in the next generation. And although Luke may never be able to undo his mistake that drove Ben Solo to the Dark Side, he can ensure that Rey doesn't go down the same path that he did.
"I can't be what she needs me to be," Luke says, hanging his head.
"Heeded my words not, did you?" Yoda asks. "Pass on what you have learned! Strength, mastery. But weakness, folly, failure, also. Yes... Failure, most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is. Luke, we are what they grow beyond. That is the true burden of all masters."
Contemplating his master's words, Luke looks to the sky.
As they make their way through the winding hallways of the flagship, Finn, Poe, Rose, DJ and BB-8 find themselves surrounded by First Order troops, who quite clearly knew that they were coming.
It turns out that DJ sent a secret message to the First Order while flying the others to the ship, promising to deliver three high-ranking Republic soldiers into their custody in exchange for having his debts cleared. Poe lashes out in anger as he realizes that his friend betrayed him, but the soldiers force him and his companions to their knees, preparing to execute them.
In the Oracle's chamber, Kylo confiscates Rey's lightsaber and presents it to his teacher as a gift. As the Oracle lies back in his bed, he clasps the lightsaber in his gnarled hands, laughing a low, mirthless laugh.
Taunting Rey, the Oracle reveals that he and Kylo know about the Republic's plan to evacuate their fleet. Kylo already used the Force to locate their shuttles, and he ordered his crew to target them and destroy them as soon as they were all boarded. Moments later, the ship's guns begin firing—and Rey is forced to watch as she stands at the nearest viewing window, looking out across the vast gulf of space as one shuttle after another explodes. As dozens of lives are snuffed out with each explosion, she feels a sharp pain in her heart.
Back on the Comet Chaser, Vice Admiral Holdo watches in horror as the fleeing transport ships are blasted into oblivion. Her plan to evacuate her crew has failed, and the last remnants of the New Republic fleet may die. Unless she can come up with a new plan to save them...
Thinking fast, she takes the helm of the Comet Chaser and prepares to turn it around. As the First Order's guns continue to target the defenseless transports, they don't see her aiming the prow of her ship at the center of their fleet...
The Oracle turns to Kylo.
"The end of your journey nears, my worthy apprentice," he says. "The ultimate power awaits you. But remember your lessons well: the stories of the strong are written in the blood of the weak. If you would claim the ultimate power, none may challenge you. Least of all, Skywalker's apprentice."
As a final test, the Oracle orders Kylo to kill Rey, proving that he will not be held back by mercy or compassion as he embarks on his last journey.
Kylo looks across the room at Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber, which Rey stole from his personal shrine. Two great Jedi in the Skywalker bloodline have wielded that lightsaber. One of them fought for the Dark Side, and the other fought for the Light. But which path will Kylo choose when he reclaims his birthright? For the first time in a long while, Kylo feels his soul cleft by doubt. Is there a third path, somewhere between light and darkness—or is he doomed to become a monster?
Raising his hand, Kylo reaches out with the Force, and the lightsaber floats into the air. But before he summons the lightsaber it to his hand, he ignites the blade and stabs the Oracle through the heart, killing him.
Enraged, the warriors of the Praetorian Guard charge at Rey and Kylo with weapons drawn. In an intense battle, the two of them fight the Praetorian Guard side-by-side, narrowly winning after a long and grueling duel. As Rey looks at the Oracle's dead body, she realizes that Kylo spared her life and chose to save her, and willingly chose to kill his own master instead of her. Perhaps she was right all along, and Kylo really does want to abandon the Dark Side.
When Rey looks out at the remnants of the Republic fleet, she realizes that there are still a handful of shuttles left, but the First Order's guns are still firing on them. Only Kylo can give the order for them to stop shooting.
Rey asks Kylo to order his men to cease fire. But to her horror, he refuses.
At the end of his journey with the Oracle, Kylo has become convinced that both the Dark Side and the Light Side are built on lies, and he refuses to follow either path.
"It's time to let old things die," Kylo says. "The Oracle. Skywalker. The Sith, the Jedi, the Rebels... Let it all die. Rey, I want you to join me. We can rule together and bring a new order to the galaxy!"
Rey, however, sees Kylo for the delusional would-be tyrant that he is. While Kylo might believe that he's embraced a higher worldview beyond Light and Darkness, his mindless pursuit of power has led him down a path trodden by countless murderers and tyrants.
Finally, Kylo tries one last ploy to convince Rey to join him: he reminds her of her journey into the cave, and of what she saw there. While Rey couldn't bring herself to say it outright, Kylo knows that Rey learned the identities of her parents—and he knows that she was utterly devastated by what she learned. And if she could only admit the truth about them, she could finally be persuaded to abandon the past and embrace a new future.
"Do you want to know the truth about your parents?" Kylo asks. "Or have you always known, and only hidden it away? You know the truth. Say it."
As her memories of the cave come flooding back, Rey's eyes brim with years.
"They were nobody..." she softly whispers.
Kylo nods.
"They were born on a peaceful planet at the edge of the galaxy," he says. "And when the last war came to their doorstep, the Rebels and the Empire fought over their world. Your mother was pregnant when she watched the skies burn. And when she cried out to the heavens, neither side answered her. Your parents fled to Jakku in search of a better life, but they knew that they couldn't keep a child fed and clothed. So they abandoned you in the slums, and they never saw you again. Your parents have been dead for years, Rey. They starved to death in a back-alley at the heart of the city. They died cold, hungry, and forgotten. And nobody cared."
At last, Rey finally understands to full truth of who she is.
She isn't the heir to a proud legacy, and there's no momentous destiny laid out for her. She's just the cast-off daughter of two poor, homeless refugees who were driven from their home by a war that they never wanted any part in, and she was never meant for great things.
Perhaps Kylo is right. Maybe there is no real difference between the Dark Side and the Light. To a pair of homeless refugees, after all, it didn't matter which side won the war. Neither side cared about them. And neither side would care if it happened all over again. Maybe letting it all die really is the only way forward.
But no. If there's really a better future for the galaxy, an unrepentant murderer like Kylo Ren won't be the one to bring it into being.
Rey raises her hand and reaches out with the Force, attempting to grab back Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber. Kylo raises his hand and attempts to pull the lightsaber toward him. As Rey and Kylo grapple over the lightsaber, the force of their exertions threatens to pull it apart.
Back on the Comet Chaser, Vice Admiral Holdo keys a command into her control panel, plotting a jump to lightspeed—right through the heart of the First Order's fleet.
The jump will require incredibly precise calculations—but if she can pull it off correctly, she could cripple the First Order's warships, possibly buying the transports the time that they need to complete the journey to Crait.
With her course plotted, Holdo takes a deep breath...and engages the ship's hyperdrive.
For a moment, time seems to stop as the Comet Chaser engages its hyperdrive and tears through the First Order fleet in a streak of light. One by one, the First Order's ships shatter and explode, torn apart by the herculean force of the Comet Chaser's hyperdrive engines as they propel the ship forward in a suicide run at the speed of light.
Chaos erupts in Kylo's flagship as it's rocked by the explosions of nearby ships.
In one part of the ship, a squad of First Order troops are thrown against a bulkhead before they pull their triggers and execute Finn, Poe, Rose, and BB-8. Taking advantage of the distraction, they make a break for it, running toward the ship's hangar.
Back in the Oracle's chamber, Rey and Kylo are thrown to opposite ends of the room—just as Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber splits in two.
Leia stands at the window of her transport ship as she watches the First Order fleet explode.
After fighting their way through dazed and confused First Order troops, Finn, Poe, Rose and BB-8 make it to the hangar and hijack a First Order shuttle. Gunning the engines, they set course for Crait to join the rest of the fleet.
On the surface of Crait, Leia takes refuge in the abandoned Rebel Alliance base with the last few survivors of the fleet—a few dozen soldiers, technicians, and crewmen. Finn and his companions manage to pilot their hijacked shuttle to the base, and they take their place among the assembled New Republic troop as they prepare to make their final stand against the First Order.
Within the hour, Kylo Ren's fleet lands on Crait, and a massive army of tanks and walkers disembarks from the First Order's landing craft, preparing to make their move on the armored base.
The soldiers make a valiant effort to drive them back—but soon, the base's wall comes crashing down. From inside, a crestfallen Leia watches as the First Order's forces advance.
Then, just when she least expects it, a familiar figure walks into the room. A bearded man with weary eyes, dressed in the brown robes of a Jedi Knight. It's Luke!
For the first time in ten years, brother and sister are reunited. As their eyes meet from across the room, they smile. A moment passes, and Luke walks forward to embrace Leia.
Luke's years of buried regrets come bubbling to the surface as he remembers the day that he left his sister behind, but he knows that he can't undo whatever pain he caused her.
"Leia, I'm sorry..." Luke says.
I know," Leia says. "I know you are. I'm just glad you're here at the end."
"I came to face him, Leia. And I can't save him."
"I held out hope for so long, but I know my son is gone."
Luke gives her a wary look.
"No one's ever really gone," he says.
Without another word, Luke strides out onto the salt plains of Crait, lightsaber in hand. Almost immediately, Kylo catches sight of him from the cockpit of a walker.
Overcome with blind rage, Kylo orders every one of his armed vehicles to target Luke and blow him away. They obey his order—but when the smoke clears, Luke is still alive, and there isn't a scratch on him.
Kylo exits his walker. Lightsaber in hand, he steps forward to confront his master.
"Did you come back to say you forgive me?" Kylo asks mockingly. "To save my soul?"
"No," Luke says simply.
As master and apprentice ignite their lightsabers, they circle each other and begin to duel.
Moments later, it finally dawns on Poe: Luke is distracting the First Order to buy them enough time to escape. At first, it seems impossible to slip out undetected—but with some quick thinking, they manage to find a hidden tunnel amid the disused mines at the interior of the base.
Luke's duel with his old apprentice rages on. Finally, as Kylo steps back and prepares to charge at his old master one more time, Luke stares him down.
I failed you, Ben," Luke says. "I'm sorry."
"I'm sure you are!" Kylo spits back. "The New Republic is dead! The war is over! And when I kill you, I will have killed the last Jedi!"
Luke smiles.
"No," he says. "The Rebellion is reborn today. The war is just beginning. And I will not be the last Jedi!"
Kylo sneers.
"I'll destroy Rey, and you, and all of it," he says.
"No," Luke says, still undaunted. "Strike me down in anger, and I'll always be with you. Just like your father."
Screaming with rage, Kylo charges at Luke, raises his saber, and brings it down for a killing blow...
...But when his blade comes down, it passes through Luke's body as if he's a ghost.
Gaping in disbelief, Kylo steps back. And at last, he realizes what has happened: Luke never left his island refuge. He used the full might of his Force abilities to project himself to Crait through the astral plane, allowing himself to distract the First Order and buy the New Republic's forces a few precious moments to escape.
Many years ago, Luke nearly succumbed to the temptation of anger and killed his young apprentice. Now, he has mastered that anger. Heeding the words of his mentors, he found a way to use the Force to save his old comrades without taking a single life. Blinded by his anger at the teacher who failed him, Kylo has been vainly fighting an illusion.
Once again, Luke smiles.
"See you around, kid," he says.
With that, Luke vanishes—leaving Kylo standing alone on the salt plains.
Back on Ahch-To, Luke sits cross-legged at the top of a rocky hill, his body levitating just a few feet off the ground as he reaches out with the Force and projects himself to Crait. As soon as he's confident that his work is done, he opens his eyes and floats back down.
His limbs tremble with fatigue, sweat coats his body, and blood drips from his nose. He has given the last remnants of the New Republic a fighting chance—but this last great feat of Force magic has taken every last ounce of his strength. Now, he has nothing left. At long last, he can die at peace.
As the sun sets over the wind-tossed seas of Ahch-To, Luke lies back against a rock and breathes his last breaths. Moments later, his body fades away and vanishes as he becomes one with the Force. When the wind picks up, it blows away his empty robes.
As Finn, Poe, Rose, and Leia lead the remnants of the New Republic's forces through the mines, they come to a pass blocked by fallen rocks. It seems impossible to make it through—but then the rocks rise into the air as if by magic, clearing the way.
At the other side of the pass, they see a familiar figure standing proudly with her hand raised, using the Force to lift the rocks aside. It's Rey—and she's standing in front of the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca by her side! After her battle with Kylo, Rey managed to escape his ship in the Falcon, and she made it to Crait just in time to help the New Republic's forces escape.
Together, the soldiers board the Falcon and soar into the skies of Crait, escaping in the nick of time.
Hour after the battle on Crait, the halls of the Falcon swarm with New Republic soldiers and crewmen, numbering in the dozens. They're low on supplies, they're far from safe haven, and they know that the First Order and their allies aren't far behind them—but they're still alive, and they've sworn to take the galaxy back when the time is right.
When things seem uncertain, Rey turns to Leia, who knows what it's like to be outnumbered and outgunned. While Rey isn't sure if they can build a fighting force out of a few dozen soldiers and a battered old freighter, Leia urges her to have faith.
"We have everything we need," Leia says.
As Rey walks away to join her friends, we zoom in on a shelf by Han's old dejarik board. Among the various assorted trinkets on the shelf is a set of dusty old books: the sacred Jedi texts. It turns out that Rey took the Jedi texts from the temple before she left Ahch-To. And while the temple was destroyed, the Jedi texts weren't.
Luke Skywalker is dead—but the wisdom of the Jedi lives on, and Luke's apprentice will carry on his legacy no matter what it takes.
On the other side of the galaxy, Kylo Ren sits alone in the Oracle's old chamber.
Rey and her companions slipped through his fingers, but the New Republic is still in ruins—and even if Rey can evade the First Order, she and her companions can never bring back the New Republic as it once was.
All over the galaxy, reports continue to pour in: most of the Core Worlds have fallen to attacks from Imperial loyalists, the New Republic fleet has been routed, and at least half of the Outer Rim worlds have seceded from the New Republic. With the New Republic a shadow of its former self, anarchy reigns, and there is no obstacle to the Knights of Ren and their ultimate mission. Yet until Rey dies, Kylo knows that he won't be able to rest.
But for now, none of that matters. All that matters is the quest for the ultimate power, which drew Kylo to the Oracle's side long ago. Once, the Oracle promised that he would guide Kylo to his destiny. But with the Oracle gone, Kylo has no choice but to embark down that path by himself. The road will be long and full of trials, but he's ready.
Kylo reaches into a metal chest that sits beside the space where the Oracle's life-support machine once stood. He pulls out a small object: an ornate wooden box with arcane symbols and characters etched along its surface.
He takes a deep breath and opens the box by a fraction of an inch—and golden light streams upon his face.
While the remnants of the New Republic fleet escape the destruction of Coruscant with the First Order in hot pursuit, Finn and Poe are temporarily pressed into service on the Comet Chaser’s crew while the ship attempts to find safe harbor. While serving on the crew, they find themselves clashing with their new commanding officer Vice Admiral Holdo, who looks down upon them for their pasts with the First Order and the Resistance.
Instead of simply disliking each other, Poe and Vice Admiral Holdo distrust each other because Holdo views the Resistance as dangerous radicals, while Poe believes that the New Republic is just as oppressive as the Empire. In the Canto Bight sequence, Poe accompanies Finn and Rose Tico to recruit DJ, and DJ is introduced as one of Poe’s former comrades from the Resistance. And instead of being "filthy junk traders who sold [her] off for drinking money", Rey's parents are revealed to be refugees from the Galactic Civil War who abandoned her in the slums of Jakku because they couldn't afford to raise a child.
In the final scene, Kylo Ren finds and opens a mysterious box in the Oracle’s quarters, which is hinted to be a key to the "ultimate power" that the Oracle promised him.
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Anti-corruption Compilation part 6

This is a compilation of all the posts by user ar_david_hh who summarises anti-Corruption news of the day along with other interesting news in one comment. It is linked from the sidebar->Interesting Threads->Anti-corruption. The list is ordered by date, newest first. Date format: D/M/YYYY. All credit goes to the sub's hero ar_david_hh
Previous compilation threads: Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5
Azerbaijan attacked Artsakh on 27 September 2020, making the war to be the main topic, the updates since this date are to be found in the daily Megathreads pinned at the top of the sub for now.

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MAME 0.219

MAME 0.219

MAME 0.219 arrives today, just in time for the end of February! This month we’ve got another piece of Nintendo Game & Watch history – Pinball – as well as a quite a few TV games, including Dream Life Superstar, Designer’s World, Jenna Jameson’s Strip Poker, and Champiyon Pinball. The previously-added Care Bears and Piglet’s Special Day TV games are now working, as well as the big-endian version of the MIPS Magnum R4000. As always, the TV games vary enormously in quality, from enjoyable titles, to low-effort games based on licensed intellectual properties, to horrible bootlegs using blatantly copied assets. If music/rhythm misery is your thing, there’s even a particularly bad dance mat game in there.
On the arcade side, there are fixes for a minor but long-standing graphical issue in Capcom’s genre-defining 1942, and also a fairly significant graphical regression in Seibu Kaihatsu’s Raiden Fighters. Speaking of Seibu Kaihatsu, our very own Angelo Salese significantly improved the experience in Good E-Jan, and speaking of graphics fixes, cam900 fixed some corner cases in Data East’s innovative, but little-known, shoot-’em-up Boogie Wings. Software list additions include the Commodore 64 INPUT 64 collection (courtesy of FakeShemp) and the Spanish ZX Spectrum Load’N’Run collection (added by ICEknight). New preliminary CPU cores and disassemblers include IBM ROMP, the NEC 78K family, Samsung KS0164 and SSD Corp’s Xavix 2.
As always, you can get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

Software list items promoted to working

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

Source Changes

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Roleplay Server Recruiting

San Andrea Roleplay Community RP Serious RP Community! We Have Custom Jobs And Staff,Developers, Admins,Interviews, more opportunities .TeamSpeak Tokovoip & Salty Chat Plugin .FIVEM .Esx .DOJ & Nopixel Combined .GTA5 .LEO/Fire/Ems/Civs .Custom Jobs .DOJ Court System :Lawyers,Judges,Federal government Jobs,Prosecutor, More .Truck Driver . FRUIT Pickin . BIKER Gangs . CUSTOM Cars .24/7 Store .FACTORY Jobs . Car Racing .Life Invader .University Of Los Santos .Ikeas .KFC .Night Clubs & Bars .Taco Runs .Hot Dog Stand .Delivery Services .Military .Store Restocked .Fruit Stand .Window And Car Wash Jobs .Dojo .Burger King .Mcdonalds .Diamond Casino & Resort .Black Market .Driving School Fire & Police Academy .Recycle Center .Criminal Organizations .24/7 Store .Business Ownerships .Gun Dealers .Ammunation V2 So much more offer
Were under development but we're new and need team members and staff ASAP . WE'RE big on core values and play as IRL, we don't go against violation of our rules and will be dealt with accordingly. Come on today and join us now . For Our Team We Have A seperate team discord
Discord Invite Link: DM Me On Discord PandaMassacre#5161 Ricky "Ghost" Lyons is Owner
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Systems Academy Casino - Bringing Excitement to Your Rooms

Systems Academy Casino - Bringing Excitement to Your Rooms
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Fixing the Disney Star Wars trilogy

Let me start by saying my approach with this was changing each movie as little as possible, while trying to make the trilogy as a whole more cohesive and connect this trilogy to the previous 2. I see a lot of posts on here that claim they are fixing a movie, when they are really just writing a different one. I will preface this by saying I really liked The Force Awakens, I liked The Last Jedi, and I enjoyed The Rise of Skywalker. I apologize for the novel, this ended up taking much longer than I thought.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
My changes to The Force Awakens are minimal. TBH, my changes are more about setting things up to pay them off later, and fixing complaints. The first is, I would keep Jakku a desert planet, but I would change it from a Middle East sand desert to an American South West rock desert. It would have a landscape closer to the American western. I would also change StarKiller base from a planet that can destroy 5 planets at once to a re-purposed Super Star destroyer with Death Star tech attached that can destroy a city. I think changing things visually would reduce the A New Hope comparisons. The main threat of the movie is they have to rescue Rey and destroy StarKiller Base before it blows up the Capital City of the Galaxy on Hosnian Prime.
Another small change I would make is combining the characters of General Hux and Captain Phasma. Whether it is still Gwendoline Christie or Domhnall Gleeson under the mask doesn't matter, but for the sake of this I will refer to General Phasma as she/her. Combining these characters doesn't negatively effect the story and will give us more time to do other things because we don't need to introduce 2 characters. Speaking of Phasma, another small change is switching the characters of FN-2199, who calls Finn a traitor, and General Phasma. Meaning, Finn fights General Phasma outside of Maz's Castle on Takodana and he gets FN-2199 to lower the shields on Starkiller Base.
Speaking of Finn, his character is the one I am changing the most. He is still the comic relief, but I would make him more like Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy or Wrecker in the latest Clone Wars arc. He is a bad ass elite fighter, top of his class, but realized on his first mission outside of the academy, the opening we saw in TFA, that he doesn't want to kill innocent people. To highlight him as an elite fighter I would make some small dialogue changes. When Finn and Poe escape, Finn never asks how to use the gun, Poe asks if he knows how, and Finn starts shooting with deadly accuracy. To show how bad ass Finn is, I would change the Rathtar scene. Mainly by eliminating the Rathtars. The guys from The Raid show up and threaten to capture Han and Chewie, all hope is lost until Rey notices Finn is gone. That's when we see Finn move around and take out the Kanjiklub's guys like some John Wick/Batman hybrid. Another complaint of Finn is they repeat his arc in TLJ, but I disagree. He never once cares about the Resistance in TFA, only Rey. To reinforce this, when he meets the 2 guys in Maz's Castle, he stays with them and leaves with them to their ship when The First Order lands. However, he only turns around and helps when he sees Kylo carrying Rey in his arms into his ship. Another thing I would change regarding Finn, is the scene on Starkiller Base where Han asks Finn his plan. Finn says he was never trained in computers, just in combat. Han lists off various Star Warsy sounding tech things asking if Finn knows how to use them. Finn says no, and that they'll use the force. Han says, "That's not how the force works." He never mentions working in sanitation, because as our elite fighter, he never worked in sanitation. The last thing I would change is the fight between Finn and Kylo on Starkiller base. When we first see Finn, he is wearing his Storm Trooper armor, and wears it throughout the movie, minus the helmet. It doesn't have to be the bright white armor, since 30 years has passed since the OT, the armor can be changed. He says he was on an undercover mission, and that's why he has it, but also says he continues to wear it for protection. It keeps him from getting hit by a blaster. People throughout the movie tell him that it hinders his mobility and to just take it off. When the fight between Finn and Kylo happens, Kylo hacks off Finn's arm cutting him in the forearm. Finn realizes the armor won't protect him in this fight. While the fight continues, Finn (screaming in pain) sheds off the armor fully abandoning his Storm Trooper ways. People wanted Rey or Kylo to lose and arm in this trilogy, but it doesn't make sense for them to. Luke lost his arm as a warning that he could become more machine like his father if he falls to the darkside. Anakin lost his arm to show he was losing his humanity. Kylo has already fallen to the darkside, there is no meaning to him losing an arm. Rey doesn't fall to the darkside, and if she lost an arm, she would only become more like Luke, a Jedi. So, I would change it up and have a non force user lose their arm to help drive their transformation. The robotic arm could also be used as a weapon in further movies to highlight Finn's badassness.

The Force Awakens was also lacking in politics. I would include a scene of Leia talking to the Senate asking for help. They can show the current state of the Galaxy that was set up in the books. The government is divided. Half the government wants a military, half doesn't. She says the First Order is a legitimate threat and they have financial backing, she assumes from Snoke. I would include Admiral Holdo here, maybe she can be against Leia, but we can see there is a clear respect for each other. When StarKiller base attacks, Holdo can be shown to realize she was wrong. Before Leia walks in the room to talk with the Senate we see what looks like a Leia Organa campaign postehologram with a stylized Vader helmet spray painted over Leia's face.
For the changes with Rey. When we first see her, she is asleep, and wakes up right after the scene where Kylo slaughters the village. Was it a vision? She woke up quick and seems distraught. When Kylo first sees Rey he says she is the one from his visions. They are connected somehow. I would also eliminate the "Force download". I would change the scene where Rey negotiates the portions with Unkar Plutt and make it seem like she is unknowingly using a Jedi mind trick on him to get more portions. However, we aren't 100% sure that's what happened. There is no hand wave. When she fights with her staff, it looks like she is fighting as if she has a double bladed lightsaber. Rey is using the force, she just doesn't know it. It's not until Han tells her the force is real and Kylo tells her he can feel the force flowing through her does she put everything together. As she puts it together, she hears a distant voice say, "Rey, these are your first steps."
We see at the end of the movie Rey and Poe meet. Poe introduces himself. Rey introduces herself. Poe asks her last name, and she says it's just Rey. Behind her we see Leia have a look of concern.
One small change I would make is "the map to Luke Skywalker" is referred to as a map "to the first Jedi temple" just as often, because that's what it is. That change is just to lessen confusion.
My final change to TFA is R2-D2, who has been nowhere to be seen. When BB-8 projects the map, he has the whole map. He doesn't need R2-D2 to show up out of nowhere for no real reason. However, when Rey meets Luke and extends the saber to him, as the camera pulls back, R2-D2 rolls up. R2 has been with Luke the whole time.

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi
Now, to make The Last Jedi connect more. First, I like the Canto Bight scene, but I would put it on Count Dooku's homeworld. There could be a big Dooku statue in the middle of Canto Bight. It doesn't have to be acknowledged by anyone, but it can be confirmed to be Dooku in the novelization or somewhere else. I think this would connect it more to the previous movies and add to the "lived in" feel. I respect Rian wanting to show us a new type of location in Star Wars, by showing us the upper crust of society. However, we needed more old stuff in there so it felt like Star Wars. It was a new location and new aliens so it felt too different. If we had Twi'leks as cocktail waitresses and Toydarians as Sabacc dealers, people would have felt that it fit better into the universe. I would also change the big hairy wart covered alien who threatens the kids to a Stormtrooper, to show Finn how far he has come. Also, when Maz sends them there, she is in a projected hologram, like every other long distance conversation we have ever seen in Star Wars, not on some weird screen. Also, her reason for not helping isn't because of trade disputes, it's because she is working on rebuilding her house/business that blew up a week ago. We also learn towards the end of the scene after they are on the ship DJ stole, that he lost his red palm bloom to the guy we see in the casino, and when he tried to steal it back he got thrown into the dungeon. So, DJ was always the guy they were supposed to find.
I would also change the Rashomon style story for when Ben destroyed the temple and left. I would not actually show the flashback until we saw the real version, I think this lead to some confusion with a lot of people thinking Luke went into Ben's room to kill him.
When Luke is training Rey about the force, she asks him about the voice she heard, and how to communicate with it. He is confused and she describes it. He says that while some fallen Jedi have learned how to reach out and communicate with the living, only the most powerful and balanced Jedi can reach out and hear the dead. Throughout the movie, Rey tries to reach out and hear the dead, but fails every time.
When Rey leaves Ahch-To, R2 goes with her and Chewbacca.
Also, after Kylo kills Snoke, during the fight between Finn and General Phasma (and ultimately kills her) we see a room open up. It's a sciency looking room full of thousands of tubes of various sizes filled with a mysterious liquid and maybe a solid mass inside if you squint hard enough.

Kylo reveals to Rey Snoke's origins and called him weak. He reveals Snoke was a clone of Plaguies that Palpatine made when he realized Vader had a son and it could cause Vader to turn to the light. Palpatine realized he might soon need another apprentice. Snoke thought himself to be the greatest of all of the clones because he was the first one of Palpatine's to be force sensitive. The rest were destroyed. Speaking of Snoke, he never says he bridged their minds and is intrigued by their connection.

With the Leia "flying" scene, the only change I would make is removing her actually flying. The bridge explodes, she goes out into space. We then see her floating in space, where her eyes open, and she starts to move. We then see Poe and everyone's reaction, and finally we see Leia's hand against the glass.

When Rey and Kylo meet up, Rey says she asked the cave who her parents were, but it didn't show her anyone, just herself. Kylo said he has seen her through visions her whole life, just as he assumes she has seen him. He says he saw her parents, and they were filthy junk traders.

Luke has the talk with Yoda, which changes his mind, he wants to help the people on Crait, but they are too far away. Yoda asks if he is giving up. Luke hesitates. Luke gives Yoda a weird look, as he looks him up and down.
Speaking of the people on Crait, I would have a line that the speeders the Resistance uses were used to tow equipment around. Instead of Rose crashing into Finn, she launches a tow cable onto Finn's speeder and pulls him out of the path of the cannon. They crash into each other. We have a similar scene to what we got, but maybe they shoot the kiss scene a few more times so it doesn't look so awkward.

With the scene where the rain from where Rey is being transported to Kylo, something from Kylo transports to Rey.

Before we see the scene with broom boy, there is a scene of Kylo Ren talking to a lower ranked First Order officer. Kylo tells him that Snoke would routinely travel deep into the unknown regions, Kylo wants to find out why.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker
This is the movie I am changing the most.
Let me start by saying that Finn isn't revealed to be force sensitive. Why? Because it's never important.
The opening scene is a space battle between the large Resistance Fleet and the First Order, which takes place about 2-3 years after TLJ. The Galaxy has responded to Luke's heroic action in the last movie. They are fighting in full force. The First Order is on their heels, and has been for months. The remaining First Order ships reveal their unstable Death Star tech cannons and destroy 90% of the Resistance's fleet. However, some of the First Order ships are blown up from the sheer power of their unstable canons. Our main heroes survive because of plot armor. Maybe we can kill someone like Wedge Antilles here. So we can feel a loss of life and that the battle was important. Also, it's clear Finn and Rose are together, maybe even married.

Meanwhile, Kylo Ren finds his way to Exogol, where Snoke has been travelling back and forth to. We see Exogol is a Gothic Industrial planet, filled with many factories, but still dark and creepy like what was in the movie we got. Palpatine reveals himself. Kylo Ren is confused, Palpatine is supposed to be dead. Palpatine says "the dark side is a pathway to many abilities that some consider to be unnatural." He learned from his master the ability to transfer his essence from one body to another. "First I tried to create a natural born vessel through more traditional means, but none were sensitive to the force. Then my master and I tried to manipulate the force to create a force sensitive vessel, but that plan backfired. I then tried to create a clone to transfer my essence into, but none of the clones had a connection to the force. So when my former apprentice Darth Vader killed me, the Sith acolytes that surround you now, performed a Sith ritual and transferred my essence into one of the only available clones. Since this weak body couldn't handle my dark side power it quickly began to deteriorate. My secret apprentice, Snoke, was tasked with continuing my clone project to make me a force sensitive body, but none of them were ever force sensitive, and the Resistance destroyed all of the clones on Snoke's ship." Palpatine then thanks Kylo for completing his mission of taking over the Galaxy with the First Order. Kylo is confused. Palpatine says the First Order was meant to conquer the Galaxy, now it is time for the Final Order to rule it. Hundreds of ships rise from the factories of Exogol.
Palpatine tells Kylo to bring him Rey and he will turn her to the dark side for him, so they can carry on his legacy, and they can rule his Galaxy together as Emperor and Empress. Kylo asks why would she do that. Cut to next scene. Kylo Ren, the Supreme Leader, makes a Galaxy wide announcement on the holonet that Palpatine is not dead and the Final Order is now the true government, any person or planet that doesn't see it that way will be destroyed.

Now, the First Order out numbers the Resistance. It was 250ish Resistance ships vs 50 First Order Ships. Now it's like 25 Resistance Ships ships vs 40 First Order Ships + whatever the Final Order has. Leia tasks Finn, Poe, and Rey to travel the galaxy and get the help they need.

Finn, Poe, Chewie and Rey have to go recruiting. They go from planet to planet, convincing the leadership to fight. We see them talk to the Quarren, the Gungans, Lando, whatever is available on Mandalor, the people of Canto Bight, the Noobians. This is basically a tour of the first 8 movies. The people are scared. They are scared of Palpatine, they are scared of the Final Order, and the Star Destroyers that have appeared in the atmosphere of key planets. They heard what happened to the Resistance. While our new trio are doing this, they are being hunted down by Kylo Ren, and a group of Stormtroopers.
We are eliminating the fetch quests and the new characters. This is 9th film of a 9 film saga. It's about saying goodbye, not hello. The action scenes can come from being on the run from the First Order, bounty hunters, space monsters etc. There is even a scene where Rey heals a space monster.
There is a passage in one of the Jedi texts that is written in Sith, that Rey believes tells them how to get to Exogol, C-3P0 says he can read it, but his mind is blocking him. They decide to take 3P0 to the only slicer that can crack 3P0's mind, DJ. DJ basically takes Zuri's spot in the story and shows up in the final fight.
On one of the planets, the Final Order kidnaps Chewie. Rey, trying to pull the ship back, shoots it with lightning and blows it up. Well, she blows up one of the ships (wink, wink). Kylo kidnaps Rey. This is where the bomb is dropped by Kylo that she is a Palpatine. We see a flashback of her youth, a memory she has blocked out. We see her parents were older, maybe we get someone like Kenneth Brannagh to cameo. This way it's all but confirmed Rey's father was born before Phantom Menace, and he just daughter later in life. We see her parents drop her off with Unkar Plott, and leave in a rush. Kylo reveals they stole a spice smuggling ship and blew themselves up when Snoke was near, convincing Snoke that they, along with their daughter, were dead. We see another flashback and we see the blown up wreckage caused Snoke's ship to crash, causing his injuries.
Poe and Finn attempt to go back to the Resistance, but are surrounded by Stormtroopers. Poe reached for his blaster, but Finn stops him. Finn gives a great speech and tells his story. One of the Storm Troopers takes their helmet off and throws it away. They all slowly do. Finn, Poe, and the new members of the Resistance head back to the Resistance base.
Rey breaks away from Kylo, goes to Ahch-To and the scene plays out mostly the same, except Luke tells her she has the same task he does. He says Leia knew she was a Palpatine because they could feel it in the force. She decided not to tell her because Leia wanted Rey to make her own choices and not worry about the outside world. Luke says, to become a Jedi she must confront her grandfather, just like he had to confront his father. Luke gives Rey Leia's saber.
Rey contacts Finn and Poe and tells them she is going to Exogol. They tell Rey that Leia is sick and is not doing well. Finn and Poe decide follow Rey to Exogol to help her. Kylo intercepts Rey's message. He is going to Exogol.
Rey and Kylo meet up outside of Palpatine's base. They have their fight, in which Han's blaster is knocked from Rey's hip. Kylo is injured, Rey heals him. She says she would have joined Ben, but now she has to kill Palpatine. Kylo falls unconscious. As Leia becomes one with the force, Kylo reawakens. He looks over at his father's blaster. We get a flashback to a young Han and pre-teen Ben. Ben is intrigued by his father's blaster. His father gives him some moral about good and evil and how the blaster once belonged to a con-man, who tried to kill him, but then Han acquired the blaster and the Rebellion beat the Empire, partly because of the blaster. The story is basically how the blaster wasn't inherently evil. Cut to present day. Ben Solo stands up. He is talking to himself, and saying it's too late to change. We hear a voice call out to him saying it's not too late. Ben turns around and see the ghost of his grandfather. Anakin tells Ben that it's never too late to change as long as you're willing to do good. They talk for a few seconds. Ben asks why he hasn't appeared to him before, Anakin says he was with him the whole time, but force ghosts only appear to those who accept the light side. We now have the triple threat of Rey, Leia, and Han pushing Ben to the light. With Anakin pushing him over the edge. Ben says he has something he has to do. He runs off towards Rey.
The space battle plays out nearly identically, but we also see people rise up on their own planets to destroy the star destroyers that orbit above them. During one scene, the Final Order flag ship is about to blow up the ship with Finn and Rose and some background characters we are familiar with. Then the Final Order flag ship starts to have some problems from the inside. It's Chewie, he was on a different ship and escaped. We get a cool fight scene where Chewie is ripping through Stormtroopers, he gets the bridge and starts the self destruct. Chewie sacrifices himself to save the Resistance. However, they are still outnumbered. Poe, doesn't think the people on the other planets made it and that they will soon be met by even more Star Destroyers. This is where Poe can say that it bought them time, but there are still so many ships. Then Lando can chime in with the "But there are more of us." W see the thousands of Resistance ships that have flown in from all around the galaxy. Then we get the great line where the Final Order officers are talking to each other, "Is that a Navy?" "No, it's just people." R2 gets his big moment because we see him lead Finn around the outside of Final Order ship that he breaks on to. This gives Finn a mini-arc because he goes from not understanding BB-8 to having full conversations with R2. R2 can also take out a few Final Order droids/troopers as well.

Ben rushes in to Palpatine's throne room, but is stopped by the Sith Acolytes. From there on, everything is basically the same. Rey passes Ben the saber through the force. Ben kills the Sith Acolytes. Rey kills the Sith Troopers. He shows up to help Rey fight Palpatine. Palpatine talks about their force dyad, sucks their force energy, then yeets Ben down the hole. He then gives his speech to Rey, part of what he says is now that the last of the Skywalker bloodline is dead, nothing can stop the Sith. He is force lightning the fuck out of Rey. The force theme plays and Ben is standing on a boulder that is floating. He steps off the boulder, onto solid ground. This distracts Palpatine and he focuses his energy on Ben. Rey is lying on the ground when she focuses and stares into the stars, this is when she hears the voices of the Jedi past. Rey stands up. Palpatine then hits Ben with a massive bolt of lightning. Palpatine refocuses his lightning on Rey, she blocks it with Leia's saber. As she approaches him she force pulls the Skywalker saber from Ben to her. She gets closer and closer until the sabers press into Palpatine and he is destroyed. Rey passes out and dies. Ben limps over to her. He uses the force to save her. They kiss. He disappears.
The space battle is won by the Resistance. Their is a celebration and our heroes are reunited. The galaxy as a whole is celebrating as we go from planet to planet.
We jump forward in time a few months, maybe a year. Rey is on Ahch-To training a handful of students of all ages, gender, and species. The Millenium Falcom lands Poe, Finn, and Rose step off with a small child. Maybe it's broom boy, maybe it's not. They all greet each other good morning. Rey walks the child towards her other students. We see Leia and Luke's lightsabers on display. The child introduces himself, and asks Rey's name. She says "Rey". The child says, "Rey what?" Then she looks off in the distance and sees the ghosts Luke, Leia, and Ben. She says "Rey, Rey Skywalker." She turns back to her students. We then see the force ghost of Anakin appear next to his family. We then see Yoda, then Qui-Gon Jinn, and finally Ahsoka. They look out as Rey trains her new students as the twin suns of Ahch-To rise in the distance.
One small things I would change for all 3 movies to make this trilogy it's own thing. I would give the "I've got a bad feeling about this." line to all non-basic speaking creatures.
For TFA, I would give it to Chewie. For TLJ, I would keep it as BB-8. For TRoS, I would give it to R2-D2.
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Casino Dealers Academy ディーリング集 - YouTube Skola za krupijea - Casino Dealer Academy - YouTube Casino Dealers Academy カジノディーリング ゆう研修 - YouTube Casino Dealer - emerit Training and Certification CENTRO FORMAZIONE New England Casino Dealer Academy - INAUGURAL Group ...

Millennium Casino Academy (MCA) is a professional casino dealer training school, fully dedicated to the singular task of advancing our students throughout the casino industry. We offer training in: -Poker Games Course (i.e. Texas Holdem, 7 Card Stud, etc. ) -C.A./ Asian Games Course (i.e. Blackjack, Pai-Gow Poker, etc.) Ace Casino Dealers Academy, Inc. is a Florida Domestic Profit Corporation filed on July 25, 1994. The company's filing status is listed as Inactive and its File Number is P94000055458. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Bagley Lisa C and is located at 1405 Orchid Lane, Kissimmee, FL 34744. Millennium Casino Dealer Academy was established in 2005 and soon became the premiere casino dealer trainer in the Los Angeles / Orange County areas. The founders of Millennium recognized the need for a truly professional and committed casino dealer training provider, and thus they set out to create an academy to meet that need and to emerge as a distinguished leader. Millennium adheres to ... Casino Academy. On this page: 1 Playing Black Jack; 2 Playing Craps; 3 Playing Roulette; 4 Playing Caribbean Stud Poker; 5 Playing Slot Machines; 6 Playing Video Poker; Generally speaking, most games in a standard casino fall into one of three categories: table games, slot machines or video poker machines. This is true online as well as offline. Examples of game types that doesn’t fit into ... Key contact details for Casino Dealer's & Gaming Academy Phone 954 587-7373 Website Address 4860 S State Road 7 Ste H, Davie FL, 33314-5658 Casino Dealers Academy 16 followers on LinkedIn Casino Dealers Academy is a gambling & casinos company based out of 732 E Vista Way # D, Vista, California, United States. Roulette. This casino table game is just as exciting to play online. Roulette requires no skill to Casino Dealers Academy San Diego play, although it is helpful to learn the best bets to make.Live dealer roulette is the most exciting game to play on online Casino Dealers Academy San Diego casinos, but bettors can find other roulette games to play online, too. Casino Dealers Academy is a New Jersey Trade Name filed on November 1, 2019. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 1487985. The company's principal address is P. O. Box 281, Pleasantville, NJ 08232. The company has 1 principal on record. The principal is Denise R Hillery from Pleasantville NJ. Casino dealers earn excellent hourly wages. Learn from professionals! Our faculty instructors are industry experts. Casino dealer careers are: Great for students with flexible part-time hours that can work around class schedules. Great for first or second careers. All ages 18+ are welcomed! Excellent full time wage earners with benefits. Choose a shift that fits your lifestyle. Career Outlook ... Casino Dealers Academy. Dealer Training OPENLEARNING. Vegas Concepts Events is Texas’ best casino entertainment provider. Our parties are epic and for some of the most admired and respected organizations in the world. Our clients expect the best and we deliver it to them. We currently have opportunities to work as a Casino dealer in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. We are currently offering ...

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Casino Dealers Academy ディーリング集 - YouTube

Naša škola za krupijea Vam omogućava da steknete neophodna znanja i iskustvo koje će Vam pomoći pri aplikaciji za posao krupijea u kazinu kako u našoj zemlji... Original posting in Boston Globe, March 13, 2013 National Gaming Academy: Train to work as a Casino Dealer on the cruise ships - Duration: 4:35. Blackpool and The Fylde College 14,764 views. 4:35. Line Cook - emerit Training and Certification ... アキバギルドのメイドディーラーのディーリングシーン集です。 アキバギルド Would-be casino dealers learn to stack chips - Duration: 1:17. Pocono Record 42,420 views. 1:17. ... National Gaming Academy: American Roulette Video Tutorials # 1 Chipping - Duration: 4:03 ... CEG Dealer School, located in Las Vegas, Nevada is a State Licensed Trade School that provides casino dealer training and job placement to hundreds of students each year. Our certified classes ... AkibaGuild